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Cate's father Jim (James Garner) joined the show and helped the family adjust to the loss.

8 simple rules is cult TV serial in American’s pop culture and has a huge army of fans. This is an episode list for Sabrina the Teenage Witch, an American sitcom that debuted on ABC in 1996. The series ran for seven seasons totaling 163 episodes.It originally premiered on September 27, 1996 on ABC and ended on April 24, 2003 on The WB.” and ”Married by America,” along with the 384 other leer-‘n’-smirk ”unscripted” series coming up, are going to drive Harvard grads out of the sitcom factory and into the fast-food industry, either.Shows such as ABC’s 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter rely upon their male marquee star for initial viewer lure, but it’s the meshing of the supporting cast and the quality of the jokes that determine how long you’ll watch.

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