Ashanti dating irv gotti

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I’ve never had much respect for a man who publicly discusses the women he’s slept with, but I digress.

During a press run for his new BET series “Tales,” Irv Gotti sat down with Funkmaster Flex to discuss his career starting in the 90’s, working with Def Jam as an A&R director and working with Jay Z, DMX, and Ja Rule, Murder Inc, 50 Cent, Hip-Hop, and his intimate relationship with Ashanti.

Mo revealed to Billboard magazine that she was going to purposely use a different sound for the effort in hopes of convincing the public to overlook her credibility for "Superwoman Pt.

You be loving me (I'll be loving you, uhhh-uhhh-uhhh-uhhh)? Kelly (Ashanti), and ] Oh, oh, oh, oh, ohhhh (mmmm)!

It's no wonder why we still here (Gaw.,) And all this hatin' and we still here (Gaw) You didn't think that we would be here (OH!

Got a lotta niggaz wonderin' it ain't just I, Gotta keep ya cash comin' and that's on my life. You be loving me (I'll be loving you, uhhh-uhhh-uhhh-uhhh)? Kelly)] I wonder why love is about money and why you wanna take it all from me?

Kelly and (Ashanti)] If it wasn't for the money, cars and movies stars and jewels And all these things I got, I wonder, hey. [Verse 1: Ja Rule] Wanna keep you flawed with no dough? All my bros, chedda and glamorous things, copped a few cars. Cause this is how I'm livin' and y'all women know the secrets of how to get it and keep it, how to prey on my weakness, Cause I want the P-U-S-S-Y. Ain't that right Kelly ( Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, ohhhh!

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