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We went to the beach and my wife wore a black one piece showed her figure but was not sexy but she always wore black (due to her weight) went into the sea and got her costume wet and could see here nipples sticking out so did a few locals .She wore this a few days when i decided to buy her a bikini to show of her body especially her tits .I met my wife when she was a student nurse and we hit it off straight away and we got on really well and had lots of laughs etc .I introduced her to sex magazines ,well she found some in my bedroom while I was in shower and I found her reading and playing with herself she went red but told her to carry on as I licked her slowly she said it was the best she ever had, from then on made her go into the shops and buy it while I watched her and the looks of others as she put on counter to pay.After the operation she was a 38DD with a great cleavage and her large nipples were at the ends perfect.We went away to the Caribbean over the Christmas period found a small hotel with wooden chalets in grounds near beach really perfect location, few people not crowded .One of the guys lent against the rock and kissed my wife and my wife kissed back with her arms around his neck ,suddenly her dress fell to the ground and she was there in her thong her Lilly white body against black .

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I got out and walked over to them, the guys saw me and went I asked what they wanted, she said was asking about England but could tell she was wet and horny .Eventually she came over and sat down I went to the bar where I was given a special house cocktail for my wife I had a cold beer.During the next hour I was in the background watching her.Gradually we experimented more and more getting her to undress with curtain opens so my neighbor could see, fucking her etc .Made her shave her pussy putting hair remover on so she was smooth and this was in the 70's ,wearing short skirts stockings hi heels see through tops ,going to porn cinemas and watching while guys rub there hands over her .

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