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It is attempting to make people believe that everyone thinks it is the Republicans fault, that Alabama hates Trump, and that this was the backlash.It is dominating all discussion, out posting everyone on all venues by a rate of about 5:1.

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And today there is no questioning whatsoever of how on earth the Alabama election went the way it did. This has triggered official suspicions that the election was stolen.

Question: IF IT DID NOT MATTER, WHY THE F*** WAS A FINAL HOUR DECISION MADE TO ALLOW IT? With no electronic record left they will get away with it. It starts by simply lying about what the initial electronic tally was (or not making one at all), then they "delete" that tally, and then before a recount of anything on paper is done, they work overtime and make the paper match.

They have a LOT more time to work on this than they did on election night, they will get it done.

Even our enemies in media are to a degree "acting sympathetic" and saying Gee, maybe that election was not fair because of the slander against Moore, but it happened, and we must accept the results.

PROBLEM: It did not happen that way and if we "accept the results" a win is a win, and tyranny wins.

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