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I love the stories and characters on Eureka, and I am really proud of the work I did as Doctor Parrish...but what I miss most about Eureka is getting to see these people (and others who are not pictured) every day. makes a point that I agree with: To a point, I recognize the reality shows as a necessary evil in the current cable marketplace.but I'm also not going to pretend that, for me, it isn't personal on some irrational level.As Major Evan Lorne on Stargate SG-1, Kavan Smith helped safeguard Earth from attack by the alien Goa’uld, while on Stargate Atlantis the major and his fellow Atlantis teammates risked their lives to protect the legendary metropolis from the Wraith, whose ultimate goal was to get to Earth and turn the planet into their new feeding ground.He was trying to learn as much as possible, and it paid off when it came time for him to direct.”, he receives an emotional chip courtesy of Carter’s smart-house S. It adds such a different dimension to the guy; you have this sweet, keen and earnest robot that all of a sudden develops heart, which makes for an interesting mix.“The fact that Andy is this clean-cut, 50s kind of okey-dokey cop mixed with what he’s got coming in terms of heart has really made him, again, very special for me to play.And based on the reaction from the show’s producers as well as the network, they’ve been very happy with the character.A one-hour show on Syfy about the eponymous town and the trouble its genius residents get into.Eureka is a quiet, small town in Oregon filled with scientists working on the most advanced technology in the world.

For much of the show's run, Carter is involved in a UST laden Love Triangle with Allison Blake and Nathan Stark (her ex-husband and one of the aforementioned heads of Global Dynamics— Allison takes over ). Driven by a "Mystery of the Week" science fiction element, the show has featured a different Story Arc stretching loosely over each season.

The much higher margin on shows like that is what enables the channel to put on the more expensive scripted stuff.

And you can make the case that a lot of the reality stuff is at least tangentally related to the Science Fiction and Fantasy Genres (wrestling, on the other hand, pure money grab).

After the first couple of episodes I started to make Andy my own and kind of put my brand on him so to speak. I’m really enjoying myself, perhaps more than with any other role that I’ve ever played.”marks the actor‘s debut as Deputy Andy.

And I’ve got to be honest with you, I love playing him. In it, the atmosphere surrounding the town becomes over-oxygenated and is in danger of being ignited by a rocket returning to Earth from outer space.

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