Dating cuckoo clocks

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They are inexpensive which makes them affordable to the majority of the population thus contributed much to their demand.The first mantle clocks were made in France, dating back around 1750 to 1760 developed from French Regency Bracket clocks.In summary I provide: Prices start at £25 to unjam or setup, howeve most requiring cleaning which ranges widely in price depending on how complex the movement is.Antique clocks are one of the most widespread collectible items that even collectors of this age and era still sought after.The majority of my customer who want me to repair a mantle or wall clock, want me to do so because the clock has some sentimental value.

Almost all parts can be sourced for these types of clock as clocks became popular and cheap after the war and many more are still in existence than with other era’s – disrpoportionately so.This kind of bracket clock is usually hung on the wall by 2 iron loops attached to the back board.French bracket clocks – called pendules religieuses.Antique bracket clocks are often housed in a rectangular case and were done in ebony finish with side pillars and a pediment on top; later pieces were stained black or ebonized, the pillars were removed and a domed top replaced the pediment and was added a carrying handle.Bracket clocks drive their mechanism by relying on a coiled spring with a short pendulum instead of a long weighted one thus they are also referred to as spring clocks. It has a velvet-covered rectangular dial with chapter ring and spandrels.

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