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The investor may only transfer to an approved project at a similar investment threshold, i.e. An investor may not transfer to a project that was not approved at the time of their original application.

If a project does not commence through no fault of the investor then a single opportunity to transfer to a new project will be afforded subject to the new Project being considered and approved by the Evaluation Committee.

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These songs can act as voices from the past, historical reference points.Joan Smyth an official at the embassy describes the increase they are seeing in visa applications.Andy Redigan a teacher in County Leitrim talks how a lack of employment, poor future prospects and high taxation are driving people to emigrate.Investors should note that the Irish Government has no responsibility for the performance of an investment.Investments are a private matter between the parties concerned and it is the responsibility of the investor, as in any business decision, to assess the potential success of their venture.

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