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Really all I could see was her ass sticking out behind her.It was quite the beautiful ass though, firm and well shaped. My jaw dropped as I found out who it was, Miss Williams, the female gym teacher.Miss Williams quietly spoke through the top hole saying, "maybe you can miss some classes next grade period and cum here again? This was the most fun I ever had, it and it was probably going to happen again." Then she giggle and turned away going to her office to get dress. I shook myself a bit and finally focused on shower, so I could get back home close to when I said I was.

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Then she started walking towards me, going to take her own shower I assumed. She had black hair passed her shoulders, and to my surprise was shaved smooth "down there". I could hear her through the wall saying, "Mmm, my my, you have a might big cock there, I suppose you want me to suck it?Mina sheepishly looked at the hole in the wall, and grinned a bit before waving and going back to get dressed. Help us to stay free If you like watching our stunning ladies perform live sex shows, why not help us stay online and free of ad’s by donating a small amount of processor usage to “dig up new babes! Just dial the on screen number to be connected to the horny fuck slut on the channel of your choice. Remember there may be a caller or two eavesdropping so please keep keep your chat as naughty as possible!She was wearing navy shorts, and a tank top with a whistle round her neck dangling between her generous breasts.She just walked silently towards us, and I froze not having any idea what to do.

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