Event viewer system log not updating

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Hint: If these images aren't clear in your browser, click on the picture and it will launch in its own window for more clarity!If that isn't good enough, right click on an image, save it locally, and then look at it, zoom into it, etc.To demonstrate how a time change is recorded in XP, I changed the date/time from 2006 to 2005.Immediately, you can see the sequential records in the Security Event Log jump from 2006 to 2005, which is your first big clue.The detailed description is longer than can be shown in one screen shot, so I copied the contents and placed it in a notepad view immediately to the left of the Event Properties window.You can clearly see the description stating that "The system time was changed" and further it lists the "Previous Time" and the "New Time".These logs, especially on Windows systems, contain a wealth of information valuable to administrators.Information of interest ranges from details of successful and unsuccessful logon attempts; to use of specific privileges; to creation, management, and deletion of users and groups; to group membership changes.

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Indicates if the system logs events in your Windows Event Viewer.The screen at the left shows the resultant event log entries (577and 520 when the Atomic Time Clock restores the time to the correct setting after it was manually changed.Either manual change of the system time or automated tools result in a 577 and 520 entries, assuming again that Privilege Use logging and / or system event logging are / is enabled.Return to Main Forensics Help Page Often times questions arise as to how to determine whether or not the time was changed on a system.With regard to NT systems in which event logs are a feature, there are a couple of indicators.

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