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So this is an option for a credit card for unbanked consumers.Now, I’ve gotten mixed reviews about customer service.Now, this is a golden opportunity to rebuild your credit.So keep low balances, pay the bill in full by the due date, and be optimistic.So you don’t have to worry about an inquiry having a negative impact on your score.This is right from the home page, in case you are having a hard time believing this: And since this bank reports your payment history regularly to all three major credit bureaus, you have an opportunity to reclaim your credit life as long as you use the Open Sky secured card responsibly.

So my review is based on the information that I believed to be in effect today.

Security Deposit: A minimum of 0 and a maximum of ,000, dependent upon approval.

This used to go up to ,000, but I don’t recommend making such a large security deposit anyway.

I don’t like fees to increase or decrease your limit.

The Open Sky Secured Visa Card is a good choice for someone who has a recent bankruptcy or who might have a lot of negative items on their credit report. You can get started right here if you want to apply.

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