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Texe Marrs says it is used a symbol for the Egyptian deity Osiris because you see it in Egyptian pyramids and temples, while we find pharaohs buried with their arms and legs crossed in devotion to this sun god.No doubt this idea has permeated pop culture with its use in sayings like “cross my heart and hope to die”, and in cartoons where we see ‘X’s placed over the eyes of dead characters.

Another theory is that the ‘X’ signifies death; the journey into the ultimate unknown.Of course, as I always say, I’m not any sort of theologian or exemplary knowledgeable Christian, so please research these things on your own.You’ll surely recognize this last symbol as the well-known Yale Skull and Bones secret society, which also incorporates the crossed bones with the skull as well: Theorists also claim that the ‘X’ signifies important “Illuminati” events.Orridge (he had links to Crowley’s OTO and the Satanic Process Church) taking on these sex change transformations and it seems that they aren’t doing it for the sake of an internal gender identity disorder; but rather to convey an occult message of transformation into a superior being.This is a concept referred to as pandrogyny where they embrace both sexual roles: Perhaps these ideas of transforming man into some new creature are why we see characters like the X-Men who are mutants with “super” powers.

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