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I know what I want for styles for you, remember, since you’ll not be usually wearing underwear, you’ll need your outerwear to provide some support.” We smiled at each other. I’d like to admire you just as you are for tonight. Since she finished ahead of me she began straightening the kitchen.“I have a friend who will make clothes to fit you properly. Then we can look at teaching you your duties as a slave.” “Should I cook? We’ll also go out pretty regularly so that I can teach you some public lessons, but for tonight something private at home. I took my plate and glass and put them in the dishwasher.When you have a need to wear stockings on your legs, this is how you will support them.We will buy you an assortment, of colors and styles, and stockings to go with them. ” “Yes Master, I am a little.” “Well no need to be silly about this.

“I also want you to go out and get some nice lingerie. I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her gently and held her close.

When you finish you will shower and make sure you are ready for me. We need to sort your clothes and make some decisions, and you need to start practicing self-control.

Then you’ll come up here and let me know and we’ll go through your clothes to see what you keep, what we pitch, and what we need for you to buy.” Michelle had stepped up close to me, and was clearly disappointed. I told you before, this is about much more than sex.

She would be a tremendous asset in my work, and a delightful slave when we weren’t working, but there were going to be some discipline issues to settle.

I turned on the monitors in Michelle’s rooms while I worked and watched her unpack her possessions.

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