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What if the people who were supposed to build your strong, healthy sense of self ― to complete their creation of you ― do the opposite?

What if they cut you down, shame you, train you to feel weak and dependent to bolster themselves? I grew up in what psychologists call a "triadic family" ― it is so common in the backgrounds of men who struggle with homosexuality that it has a name.

You make him get on his knees and hump a piping hot fleshlight hands-free to a strict pace that you decide.

But what if you have no healthy sense of self to return to?

Use a few different positions and paces (leaning over rocking back and forth, cowgirl etc. To give you an idea of the kind of things I'd like you to say, do something like tell me how hard it must be not to blow my load looking at your breasts.

Tell me this is what it's like to have sex with you and how I'd never last long enough for you.

A distant or belittling father, an emotionally smothering or needy mother, and in the center a boy with nobody to guide him on the path to manhood.

A boy for whom manhood has become dangerous, threatening, distant.

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