Gibson dating acoustic

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According to The Blue Book of Acoustic Guitars, the Gibson B series of acoustic guitars was the successor to the LG series largely phased out in the early to mid-1960s.Generally speaking, the B-15 replaced the LG-0, the B-20 replaced the LG-1, the B-25 replaced the X-braced LG-2, and the B-25N replaced the X-braced LG-3.

It is very difficult to find a hard shell case which fits the smaller lower bout of the F-25; the guitar fits this case almost perfectly, and it offers this classic instrument great protection while looking very authentic and cool.

For a steel-string, the F-25 was unique in its small, 00-sized classical-like body shape as well as its wide, un-radiused classical neck.

Visually, the F-25 was set apart by its dual white pickguards (similar to flamenco guitar tap plates), until in 1970 Gibson modified its shape to more of a small dreadnought, and in 1971 dropped the model altogether.

Amazingly, the trademark white pick guards seem to still have their original plastic coverings on them, which I have left in place for the next owner to peel off (or not).

However, the back lower bout has about a 4” section which has a very funky finish, probably indicating a major repair.

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