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One of these was Edith Sitwell, on the grounds that her brother supposedly provided a model for Sir Clifford Chatterley; another was the author L P Hartley.

T S Eliot was also a candidate for the prosecution, on the basis that he had once criticised Lady Chatterley’s Lover in print.

Rubinstein must have been delighted to read the Bishop of Woolwich’s response: 'Archbishop William Temple once said that Christians do not make jokes about sex for the same reason that they do not make jokes about Holy Communion – not because it is dirty, but because it is sacred.

'Lawrence did not share the Christian valuation of sex, but he was always straining to portray it as something sacred, in a real sense as an act of Holy Communion.

’ Here was the clearest picture of two different worlds: class, rank and privilege, ranged against ordinary people; precisely the way the world had been, facing the way it would be, poised on the fulcrum of Lawrence’s novel, itself entirely dislocated from its own time and context.

Considerable effort went into disproving the possibility that adolescents might be depraved and the vulnerable driven to crime by reading the unexpurgated text.Lawrence Durrell was more helpful: 'The use of obscenity by an artist was a most desirable psychic purge for the community and very much in its interest.Lady Chatterley was a weapon against horror comics and the literature of sick violence, which only inflamed the secret pruriences and buried guilts of the community without purging them.’ The defence still needed female witnesses; Iris Murdoch hadn’t made the cut, her eloquence tempered by her criticisms: 'LCL certainly may strike one as an eminently silly book by a great man.’ Dame Rebecca West was deemed to possess the authority that the much younger Murdoch lacked, and together with 34 other witnesses, she contributed to what John Sparrow, Warden of All Souls College, Oxford, called 'the most thorough and expensive seminar on Lawrence’s work ever given’.The Act was designed to make it easier for the police to root out exploitative pornography, while protecting works of literary merit.However, by August 1960, prosecution of Penguin had become inevitable.

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