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He is also setting out to win The Fiesta Cup, a local bowling tournament.

Joining him is his famous fashion designer uncle, Sean Mc Allister (Adrian Grenier.) Sean hasn't spent time with his family - specifically his father - for years.

But instead of reliving the past, they pull together to bowl their best for Eli who stands to lose so much. I really like the way they treated the concept of dying at home.

Funny, sweet and soulful - SEX, DEATH AND BOWLING takes us on a journey to learn that the secret to life is loving what you have - even if it is just a split. Especially that of precocious, pre-pubescent boys with grown-up wisdom. Get some friends and family together and some morphine, and ride it out on your home turf. It doesn't have to be too depressing, assuming that you built some equity in a community and a family. I'm assuming that reincarnation played some role in the final bowling sequence.

Check out the video above to hear what some morning show hosts have to say about this app.

Sexulator is basically a calendar for tracking your sex life.

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You can also send the app as a gift to another person, right from within the app.

Other are looking for an app with general info about sex.

Still others are looking for apps that can give them secret sex tips so they can be outstanding in the bedroom.

Yes, even All American families may have someone practicing an alternative lifestyle. The kid was outstanding and everyone else was excellent. Other than one or two indie folk songs, the music did not play a huge role. If you have patience for thoughtful pictures, then you will probably like it.

Grenier did not have to show much range here, but he doesn't generally anyways. He has a unique look and you do perceive his sensitivity. The focus was on dialog and relationships without too much manipulation.

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