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He sat me on the edge of the bed and knelt in front of me. I know he could hear my heart beating as my breasts rose up and down with each anxious breath. All I wanted now was for him to make wild passionate love to me. As he held my hands tight to the bed, my body shook as I felt a long warm flow of my juices fill my panties.“Mmmmm.”Slowly he moved down my body. He stopped at my navel and swirled his tongue inside of it.He held my hands to the side as he gently took my left nipple between his lips.“Oh God. He continued to hold my arms so that I could not grab him and pull him close. I closed my eyes and let Tony have his way with my breasts. Then he pressed forward and drove his tongue as far in my navel as he could, and then gently licked it.I guess not wearing a bra was not such a good idea after all. Looking around the room once again I was hoping no one I knew was there. ” I wondered to myself as I looked around the room once more.Thankfully I had worn a long coat over my short skirt. My skin was so cold and my nipples were like rocks by the time I reached the lounge.“Maybe this was not such a good idea after all.” I thought to myself as I entered and seated myself at a corner table. Mixed feelings of apprehension and excitement were stirring inside of me.I was standing topless in front of a man I met online.My body tingled again.“Your breasts are magnificent.”“Stop talking about them and suck my nipples,” I thought as my body shook with anticipation.You’re here now.” I said as I put my arms around him and gave him a soft kiss.“Mmmm. He pushed me back against the wall of the elevator and rocked his hips against me. I shrugged my shoulders so my erect nipples weren’t as visible through my blouse. The elevator stopped at our floor and we headed to the room. Soon our lips were apart and our tongues greeted one another’s.I’ve been thinking about that kiss on my drive over here.”“I hope all good thoughts.”“Very good thoughts.” He said smiling. Tony moved away as an older couple entered the elevator. As Tony opened the door I wondered if he would be as gentlemanly in person as he was while chatting. I began once again to move my hips slowly and grind my anxious mound against his ever growing cock.

He slid it off my shoulders and it fell to the floor.I had never imagined I would want to meet another member of Lush, but Tony changed my mind.We were both married so our rendezvous had to be very discreet.I’m sure we’ve all had these inner battles between our ‘good’ self and our ‘bad’ self so you know what I am referring to.Oh hell, just read my story and let your ‘bad’ self win.

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