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When I entered the backyard of the residence I found the remains of an alcohol party which included the strong odor of alcohol.

I observed multiple areas on the patio and lawn covered in vomit, and the fire pit was still burning.'The warrant claimed: 'Mr.

The Septuagint translators mistakenly rendered this phrase "this second [repeated] law." The Vulgate (Latin) translation, influenced by the Septuagint, translated the phrase "second law" as deuteronomium, from which "Deuteronomy" is a transliteration. The reference to the duration of a normal journey from Horeb (the range of mountains in which Mt.

The Book of Deuteronomy is, to some extent, however, a repetition to the new generation of the Law that God gave at Mt. For example, about 50 percent of the "Book of the Covenant" (Exod. Date and Writer Moses evidently wrote this book on the plains of Moab shortly before his death, which occurred about 1406 B. The Mosaic authorship of this book is quite easy to establish. Sinai stood) to Kadesh-Barnea as being "11 days" (v. This was the part of Israel's journey that took her from the place God gave His covenant to the border of the Promised Land. any attempt to deal with Deuteronomy theologically must do so with complete and appropriate attention to its form and its dominant covenant theme.

The book claims to be the words of Moses (1:5, 9; 5:1; 27:1, 8; 29:2; 31:1, 30; 33:1, 30) and his writing (31:9, 22, 24). From there, the Israelites could have, and should have, entered Canaan. This means that God's revelation of Himself and of other matters must be understood within a covenant context because it is His purpose in the document to represent Himself in a particularized role Sovereign, Redeemer, covenant-maker, and benefactor." "The preamble in the international suzerainty treaties was followed by a historical survey of the relationship of lord and vassal. 32) and suffered defeat, as the Lord fought for His people (vv. "Apart from the Lord's intention to provide a home and land for God's people, there are two criteria for the destruction of inhabitants of the land: (1) those who oppose God's purpose and promise to Israelthat is, Sihon and Og; and (2) those who seem to pose in a special way the problem of religious contamination and syncretismthat is, the Canaanites and Amorites." 4.

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Police in Connecticut have arrested a hedge fund manager after an underage party involving alcohol was held in his house and resulted in the injury of a 17-year-old girl.

Introduction Title The title of this book in the Hebrew Bible was its first two words, 'elleh haddebarim, which translate into English as "these are the words" (1:1). 3a), when the men of war of that generation had all perished (), the conquest of Trans-Jordan was accomplished (v. It was especially this last circumstance that occasioned the renewal of the covenant.

Ancient Near Eastern suzerainty treaties began the same way. God secured the continuity of the mediatorial dynasty by requiring of Israel a pledge of obedience to his new appointee, Joshua (cf.

Deuteronomy is not so much a book of history, as Genesis, Exodus, and Numbers are, as it is a book of law. Moses' first major address: a review of God's faithfulness A. The nature of Deuteronomy, as a whole, is that it is an "exposition" (explanation) of all that God had commanded (v. What God had done in the past, he could continue to do in the future. "Virtually all of Palestine and Syria are included in these terms [in v. It will echo and anticipate disobedience and unwillingness to live by promise and instruction. Even though we in the Church Age have received much revelation about God, we cannot fully grasp all there is to appreciate about Him. Even Moses was excluded from the land of Canaan (i.e., the inheritance) because of his disobedience (Dt. Clearly, Moses will be in heaven, but he forfeited his earthly inheritance. God's "jealousy" is His zeal for righteousness that springs from His holiness. Israel's repentance, following apostasy, was to be wholehearted ("with all your heart and all your soul"; v. The "heart" refers to the seat of one's intellect and will (cf. Israel was not to miss the point ("He is God; there is no other besides Him"; v. The articulation of God's motivation in His great redemptive and saving acts for Israelas being His love for them ("because He loved . What national election does guarantee is that God's purpose(s) for choosing the nation will be accomplished and that the elect nation will always survive as a distinct entity.

In contrast to Leviticus, however, Deuteronomy is law preached rather than law taught. There is thus a presentation of a faithful God, whose demand was for a faithful people." Moses reflected on the past, mainly as Israel's history stands as revealed in the earlier books of the Pentateuch. 7], an area larger than Israel ever possessed in fact, even during the reigns of David and Solomon." "The Lord's gift of Canaan to Israel (v. 16) to help Moses carry the burden of legal decisions that resulted from the giving of the Law. Further, the chapter gives us clues about the purpose and context of Deuteronomy. Moses stressed this to assure the people that their future success was certain because of God's faithfulness, not theirs (cf. Evidently the thought of God, bringing the Israelites out of Egypt, "the iron furnace," in order to bring them into the land (v. Not entering Canaan does not necessarily mean one is not born again. He would not tolerate Israel's allegiance to any other god. ; f.) they witness the saving activity of Yahweh, especially in creation. 15:9), and the "soul" to the source of emotion, especially desire (cf. It guarantees the physical salvation of the nation and, in the case of Israel, even a national salvation. "The Law: God's Standard for Life." Biblical Viewpoint 19:2 (November 1985):10-15.

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