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Die Menschen, die wir dieses Jahr vor dem Ertrinken bewahrt haben, sind vor Gewalt und Folter in Libyen geflohen.Solange Menschen ihr Leben riskieren müssen, um diesen Zuständen zu entkommen, bleiben wir auf See und retten.I knew of one such person: my best friend Moitshepi Matsheng.

Some of that behaviour included having Sugar Daddies, a risk which could have given me an HIV infection, because, as Young 1ove pointed out, older men are much more likely to expose a teenage girl to HIV than a sexual partner their own age.She co-founded Young 1ove, a youth-led organisation in Botswana that tackles tough and taboo topics such as HIV and the role of ‘Sugar Daddies’ – dating older men in return for gifts or money – in its transmission.Watching Moitshepi rise through her work in Young 1ove helped me give new meaning to my life when I needed it the most. Please read the AUR User Guidelines and AUR TU Guidelines for more information.Contributed PKGBUILDs must conform to the Arch Packaging Standards otherwise they will be deleted! Some packages may be provided as binaries in [community]. Git over SSH is now used to submit packages to the AUR.

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