Who is melissa scott dating

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Imagine how well a nurse and a Sheriff could work together in helping their kids track down more supernatural creatures and keeping order in the town without giving away the real dangers?

Scott and Stiles have already talked about being more than just best friends: They're brothers.

Melissa's first clue that something new is going on in Scott's life is the fact that he's going to a party on Friday night.

She asks him if it's a party or a date, and he tells her that it's both.

She hands him the car keys and asks if they need to have a talk.

Scott is mortified about having a sex talk with his mom, but she just meant that he has to fill the car with gas. She must relent, though, because Scott is allowed to take her car to pick up Allison.

But it could lead to some hilariously awkward moments, especially from Stiles when he comes home to see his dad and Melissa Mc Call on a date night. She's been raising a son all by herself for quite a while, most of it without the werewolf knowledge.

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I mean, how often do you root for a werewolf to fall in love with a magical fox? But the most interesting pairing that has yet to happen on the show is the most obvious of all, the potential romance between the parents of best friends Scott and Stiles.

Any student getting a C or less is required to appear at the conference with their parents.

This includes Scott, but since he's in the woods with Allison, he's late.

After the murder cases were solved, Agent Mc Call decided to stay back and try to be a real father for a change, but so far it still doesn't seem like Scott or his mom are really that excited about this.

If Melissa were to get on with her life and actually start dating Sheriff Stilinksi, that could lead to some interesting moments between the Sheriff and FBI agent, both because Agent Mc Call tried to take get John fired and because he clearly still loves his ex-wife.

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