Who is thomas sangster dating

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Other work includes performances in Doctor Who, The Last Legion, The Adventures of Tintin, Bright Star, Nowhere Boy, Death of a Superhero, The Last Furlong, The Baytown Outlaws, but it was Game of Thrones that has brought him worldwide attention.Outside of acting he plays bass guitar in the band Winnet, in which his mother sings the vocals.But for me, I have always loved it and I still love it and none of the other stuff matters to me.

Sangster also grew in popularity for starring in critically acclaimed cult films such as Death of a Superhero, Bright Star and as Paul Mc Cartney in Nowhere Boy.He is kind of like an adult to the Gladers, and it's a quite grown up role so I enjoyed doing that. BRODIE-SANGSTER: I was born and bred in London and that's my home and I very much think of it as my home.I am starting to get the more adult roles now and that is more fun for me just because I have done a lot of teen roles. BRODIE-SANGSTER: Yeah, I never went to drama school or anything, I just went to a normal, standard school, in South London. It's a city that is great to get out of sometimes, as any city is, and I am happy that I have a job that allows me to do that, but then it's really nice to go back home and have those home comforts and to walk around the streets of London.BRODIE-SANGSTER: Yes and I don't think I have ever played my own age before, actually I think in Wolf Hall, my character goes up to about 25 and he's got a wife and it's the first time I have got a wife. Q: And that is something that casting directors are looking for?BRODIE-SANGSTER: Yeah and it's not something that has bothered me too much.

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